Meryl Ranzer

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I really enjoyed reading the quotes, and Sandra's new blog.
The discussion about living in the moment had me thinking about how much we cuddle in my house.
Some out there in the world might think it's excessive, I know it's magical.
Logan, (4 in December and still nursing) and I wake up in the morning snuggled together, and then Logan will go over to my husband Paul, hug him and tell him to move closer to us. We'll all take turns being in the middle and hugging and kissing each other.
We continue to cuddle at various other times during the day.
There are also lots of fun hiding games we play in bed, hiding under the covers, pretending to hatch out of an egg, or being wrapped up like presents.
When Logan is feeling tired, overwhelmed, or upset, he'll tell me we need to go lay in bed and cuddle, sometimes he'll nurse, sometimes not.
The day ends the same way.

If Logan went to pre-school right now like all of his friends, we'd be missing hours of wonderful cuddling!


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