Angela Shaw

Living in the moment was a lot easier before my daughter got sick with a
rare disorder. Because it's rare and controversial, I can't just turn
blindly to an expert to guide me. I spend a great deal of time researching
treatments and doctors who claim to have the answers. Things are settling
back down again, now that my daughter is being treated by someone I trust
and she is getting better. Spending much of the last year wrapped up in my
own thoughts was really the reason that I found the right care for my
daughter, so there is a place and a time, but now that she is on the road to
recovery, now is the time to get back to living in the moment.

I know my older daughter especially misses that and today I'm going to step
back into that role which once came easily to me and that I took for granted
that I'd never have a reason to stop doing. Today I'm going to spend time
just being with my girls and enjoying the time. I'm not going to spend it on
the internet or worrying about what tomorrow will bring. It will probably
seem like a blink in time before they are gone and I'm sorry that I've
missed a good chunk of it this last year.

Angela ~ feeling thankful

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