Sandra Dodd

For many months [OH JEEZ, I went to check whether I needed to say
"For about a year." DOH!]

For a year and a half, I've held online text-chats (typing, not
speaking) about unschooling, twice a week.

Beginning last week, I added another one.

It's not easy to say when exactly they are, although they ARE at
precise times. From my point of view in New Mexico, they are Monday
afternoon, Wednesday night, and Friday morning. But those times
aren't even "right" on the east coast of north America where they are
dinnertime, midnight, and noon.

Those who haven't been to one might want to check here:

Those who forget when they are can subscribe to reminders by joining
the list here:

I don't like to put notices on this list, because they're fleeting and
it's good for the archives of this list to be always useful, not

Some people like the chats because they're fast.
Others dislike the chats for the same reason. Information tumbles
over other information, and there can be two or four conversations
going on simultaneously.

I did want to mention there are three per week, now, though, and let
people know who might not otherwise have heard about them.