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As the original poster, I want to clarify there is no fear deep inside.  I unschool all my boys right now and they are all happily free and learning on their own terms.  My son loves being home and I predict he will come back before a year is up, but he wants to see what it is all about.  School is portrayed in a fantasy way on TV and in movies and then ALL of his friends go to school  (we live in Costa Rica so not many kids don't go to school here).  We have talked extensively about it, pros and cons, what to expect day to day and I am going to have him do 2 trial days before the year is up (school is Feb-Nov here) so he can see first hand and maybe that will be enough.  I am supporting his decisions to explore.  I posted on the list because I wanted some advice from someone that has been through this before.  I feel school is a BAD place but some children thrive and love it so I need to give him that opportunity if it is what he seeks.  I
don't want him dreaming of this fabulous place with no first hand knowledge of what it is really like.  Just wanted to clarify and I think you all for your responses.

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