Mary Hickcox

Hi I am the original poster and have since decided (like I knew I would I guess) that he can try school at the start of the new year in Feb. if he is still interested.  We need to work on a few things in the meantime so he can be on level with his peers in 1st grade.  
I did want to address one thing said though..."I always feel when a parent
asks this question there is a deep down fear and insecurity that the parent
himself or herself feels about his or her own capability to unschool."   This is really not the case here at all.  I was feeling a bit torn because I really feel that school is a BAD place, that it does damage to our children and their self esteem, and because of that was battling within myself.  He needs to see and decide these things for himself, which my older son did.  So I am letting him try for himself.  Maybe he will love it and maybe he will not but either way he will know it was his decision not just what we told him.

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