Sandra Dodd

I know there was a blog carnival recently about bedtimes and late
nights, but I've been really busy lately and didn't contribute.

Today on another list something came up about about the author of
this, and I went to find the things I have on my site by her. Great
stuff, all of it. But this one is a perfect late-night learning story
I thought might be good to bring up front again:

My dh wasn't too sure about unschooling at first (about 9-10 years
ago), and was also adamant the kids be in bed and stay there at a
certain time. I'd just come home from a one-day conference—probably
the first time I heard Sandra speak—with an armload of interesting
toys and books and a head full of inspiration. One of the books was
about finding Titanic, and included a paper model, which I decided
Mommy should put together (I really like that kind of thing :-) I was
working on it after the kids had gone to bed, but then-7-y.o. Alex got
up. He looked at the book and we talked about it as I worked; we
discovered what a fathom was, and that Titanic came to rest on the
continental shelf, not the very bottom of the ocean, and I'm sure some
more interesting things, but those stick in my mind.

About a half hour later, Alex went back to bed and I kept gluing. Dh
came in and said, "So that's unschooling." He'd overheard the
conversation. I said, "Yeah, that's unschooling." Never had an
argument after that :-)
Nancy Wooton

Here's my latenight learning page, but the carnival was only for new
writing. That's good, and I approve of the policy, I just hadn't
written anything lately!