Robin Bentley

I don't understand what this means: "I choose to take an independent
stance on meeting my children's needs." Does that mean you aren't
unschooling? Does it mean you have no interest in being an unschooler?

From the list description:

This is a list for the examination of the philosophy of unschooling
and attentive parenting and a place for sharing examined lives based
on the principles underlying unschooling.

I'd like to highlight "Sharing examined lives based on the principles
underlying unschooling."

Do you think that if you reveal your parenting or schooling philosophy
here, you will be challenged by the list members to see things
differently? It's likely to happen. It's what usually happens. Then
the owners, moderators and list members help people who want to
unschool to move in that direction.

If you just want to take without giving, then it's okay to read and
not post. Plenty of people do that.

I think we should get back to discussing unschooling now <g>.

Robin B.

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> From: "Claire Marketos" <claire@...>
> Date: June 30, 2010 10:24:36 AM PDT
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> Subject: Do you have research
> Hi Robin
> I hope this email I sent to the group explains why I�m here.
> I hear that you are very angry Sandra that I choose to take an
> independent stance on meeting my children�s needs and that you would
> prefer it if I went away. I enquired regarding research as I�d like
> to know more about the Acha �always learning?� I�m not trying to
> teach anyone anything merely trying to discover how best to meet
> children�s needs which is an ongoing and life time process.
> I am not here to threaten your group, promote myself, or to be
> judged by you. I remain always interested in learning how to be a
> better person and parent.
> Best wishes
> Claire Marketos
> Parenting/Educational Consultant
> 083 457 3667
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