Because this is relevant to Sandra's angst over the situation I thought I would bring it here.

I am unpaid. I stay at home with my children and I help them and I help my husband and I help my dog and I help my cats and we have a good life. Sometimes I write on a few lists about unschooling. Sometimes I write about marriage. Nobody pays me and I have no aspirations that I'm helping other folks make money.

The other day David and I cooked a meal for a campload of people. The camp of people wanted to pay us for the food we made. We didn't want to be paid, it was a gift. Payment would have made it a service instead of a gift. Claire, your thanking me for my gift of my experience and my knowledge as it applies to your ability to make a living using it sullies it in a similar way. You've turned me into a freebie resource for your livelihood.

I imagine that a lot of people on this list use the gifts of knowledge and experience that are offered here in their day-to-day lives, beyond the parent-child interactions. I know that my actions beyond my family are informed by things that I have learned on this list. But I don't want to know that I am acting as a private researcher for someone who is leaving me unpaid. It's like when lots of grad student have their ideas and work stolen by their professors for a publication. It isn't sharing any more. It's freeloading, it's theft, it's something wrong.

Recently there have been instances of news shows interviewing unschoolers about what they do, and those unschoolers have been edited to look amusing and nuts and a bit irresponsible. I recognize that what you are doing isn't to the same degree, but there is a level of you taking us for a ride for your own gain that is similar to these news shows. It doesn't make this list or these people bad to be nervous of someone who comes and preaches and takes and doesn't offer anything of value in return, not even honest curiousity.

So you aren't really welcome. It wasn't actually aimed at you. I'm happy to do what I do when I do it. It's actually pretty easy to research stuff for your own self as Su skillfully demonstrated. I'm just sometimes a bit of a show off.


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