Sandra Dodd

More input, anyone? I don't blame you if the answer is, "Please, no
more!" :-)

I'll be on the radio in a few hours, either 88.1 FM if you're in or
around Fresno, California, or online here if you're not:

Thursday, May 27, 1:00 Pacific time, 2:00 Mountain... 4:00 where Holly
is... the rest of you can figure out your own. :-)

The interviewer is Gena Kirby, and the show is called Progressive
Parenting. Gena has three children. The youngest is 14 months. The
four year old is in a program for Down syndrome kids, and the oldest
is about to leave 2nd grade because she doesn't like school at all,
and so the mom is wanting to know more about unschooling partly for
her own current need.

Robyn Coburn has announced a new blog:



Technical difficulties for the first half hour. Sorry for people who were looking for it. It came on at 1:32 or so, though it was being recorded before that. So they said they would probably play the same show next week so people could hear the whole thing.

If it's available as podcast or some such, I'll let you know when I know.

Sorry! It was a pretty good discussion, though, I think, and I hope it will be available.



Oh thanks for announcing it Sandra. It's not going to be specifically unschooling, but since unschooling permeates my whole life, or perhaps more accurately is the foundation fabric on which the rest of my life story is embroidered, it might be helpful.

Robyn L. Coburn

> Robyn Coburn has announced a new blog:
> Sandra