I have become interested in reading some classics but find that many of the classics at the library are hard to find or are "adapted" and not the orginial. So I went back to a website I used 5 years ago that had tons of links to ebooks.

This site is a Charlotte Mason Amberside Online site that had free Curriculum.

I decided for fun to read the classics online and now my dd is begging me to read them to her. If she wanders away while I read, I just keep reading and let her go off if she wants. She liked a story about Robin Hood from a ebook Fifty Famous Stories Retold by James Baldwin.
Heres the link to Baldwins book

You can go back to the home page from this link and find a list of lots of book online.

My kids are asking for reading aloud times. They like me reading to them and I am enjoying some good reading time alone time too.