Sandra Dodd

"Thirteen-year-old unschooler, Zoë Bentley, has won the $1,000 second
place prize in the NASA No Boundaries National Competition, in
competition with high school students."

Jeff Sabo, a blog post about something I've never seen written nearly
as he wrote it. About parenting. Bad parenting and good parenting
and... well it's worth reading.
(I think the last line is missing a word: "Because, after all, that
IS all our children are really asking of us.")

If children should know they are not the center of the universe, then
what IS the center of the universe?
What's the center of your universe?
What does ANYone think is "the center of the universe"?

Friday, May 7
10:00 in the morning at my house (mountain time; so figure out your
time or look here: )

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