I came across this from a Facebook post.

It's about doctors' knowledge of breastfeeding but it's interesting to read the point of view of the person being educated (or not).

"Most physicians are "under-educated" about breastfeeding. But it's important to know how we are educated if you are going to make a difference in how that physician responds to your attempts during teachable moments. My brother is a lawyer and often complained about the tactics of the Socratic method employed in law school where you are randomly picked to answer a question and have the potential, if you don't know the answer, to look like an idiot in front of your classmates. Now take that Socratic method and put your client in the room, so that person, who has hired you, sees you look like an idiot too and you pretty much get the idea of medical bedside rounds. That's how we learn. Potential public humiliation. We don't like that."