Sandra Dodd

Lea Tapp wrote on my Facebook:
Tonight my daughter had some schooled friends over and she suggested
they play with her electrical experimentation kit until dinner was
ready. One friend said simply that he refused to read outside of
school and only read as much as they made him for school. What is fun
for her has been filed away as miserable for him...


I've known adults who said they hated reading.
I've known teens who said when they got out of school they were never
going to read another book again.

Many years ago, talking about this I noted that there are bumper
stickers that say "If you can read this, thank a teacher." I joked
that there should be one that said "If you don't want to read this,
blame a teacher."

Kelly Lovejoy did make some bumper stickers almost like that. At
first I was really embarrassed that it was actually "in vinyl" and on
some cars and credited to me, but as the years have gone by my
embarrassment has dissolved, because in those eight or nine years, how
many tens or hundreds of thousands of non-readers have been created by
schools? I rescind my embarrassment.


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