I have difficulty reading aloud. One reason is that I am a silent reader. Another one is my reading aloud is really dry and dull. Third, English is not my mother tongue. And the stories are unfamiliar to me.

Recently I found some "books" on iPhone. It has audio image and animation for 99 cents per book. It is so cool. I think I found a solution for my problem.

Also I think books are evolving too. The children are exposed to more multimedia books.

The ipad will make a great reading device!

What do you think? Any cool things to share?

Joy ds4.5 dd 1.5


Books on CD from the library!! There are some that we listen to together, but as tastes are diverging, they can hear what they want without complaint. Also, they are in control, rather than waiting for times that we are all together. My daughter LOVES fiction, my son not as much, so it works well.


> What do you think? Any cool things to share?

Shira Rocklin

Another similar resource: Our library system as something called
Tumblebooks in their KidsSpace area on their website that reads the
children books, flips the pages, the pictures even move a bit. For
example, there are Robert Munch books, read by Robert Munch. My
daughter is loving this. It looks like its a service that the library
has subscribed to for us to use, so its probably available in other
library systems too!