I didn't know what interpersonals were, so I read the chat. People, people watching, relationships. I can remember going to the Mall of America with my mom after I'd read a paper in the journal Human Nature, that I can't find (so maybe it was in a different journal) about the more attractive parent being the deciding variable in the sex of the child. So, for example, in a family with 3 children if the dad is the more attractive parent there are more likely to be 2 or 3 boys than 2 or 3 girls. I don't think there have ever been any later studies to back that up and I think there is a lot of evidence from population-wide sex-ratio studies to argue against that. But, mom and I had a blast at the Mall of America looking at the parents and figuring out how many children they would have of which sex and then counting the children that were there. Absolutely not a rigorous study, but definitely an interpersonals kinds of exploration.

David makes his living in looking at interpersonals. Things like why men don't go to the doctor, and whether children can/should be given choice over food, and bilateral symmetry as a marker of genetic quality, and tattoos and piercings as an ingroup costly signal, and what personal ads show about what men and women are offering and asking for in a relationship.

I'm not sure how you do much without there being some aspect of interpersonal knowledge going on. It seems such a huge part of the world of humans.


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Today in the chat Jill was asking for ideas about how to let her
husband feel better about her 15 year old daughter's interest in
interpersonals. We brainstormed a bit, but I've come to report that
right after the chat, Holly was talking to Marty about how to get a
program onto our "instant queue" on Netflix. I wasn't paying full
attention, but she did what Marty said and got the video up.

It started in right away talking about Sigmund Freud and what the
purpose of dreams and sleep are.


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