Connie Johnson

For teens there is The Teenage Liberation Handbook, College without High
School, and Real Lives: Eleven teenagers who don't go to school

Connie Johnson
Teacher/Facilitator, Natural Learning
Argyll Centre - Terrace Heights Campus
6859 100 Ave NW
Edmonton AB T6A 0G3
Phone: 780-485-5240
Toll Free: 1-888-532-7222, ext 240

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02/03/2010 09:34 Unschooling books

Please respond to

I'm looking for the same, especially ones I might strew for my oldest(almost
13) who wants to be in school (told me she needs more structure . . feels lazy
homeschooling), also misses friends (sees them at band).

Anyway, was looking at the list of John Holt books yesterday, but don't know
where to start, I've read "How Children Fail" and many JOhn Gatto articles. I
want some around the house.
Sorry to add myself to your query Jude, but like you say, so many out there,
I've read everything at the local library (not much) and want to add to my own
library now.


--- In [email protected], "Helga" <jude.dickson@...> wrote:
> I'm looking to get some books on unschooling. There are quite a few! If you
had to chose your top 2 - 3 books on unschooling/natural learning what would
they be? I definitely, but which one? I want to get a John Holt book, but
which one? He has published about 6.
> Thanks heaps for your wisdom,
> Jude

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