Sandra Dodd

Someone from this list chose to criticize the common practice of
providing links to pages (on this list, it seemed, and on the other
list, though it was more rare there).

In case any others very new to unschooling wonder why people tend to
provide links instead of lengthy explanations, it's because the same
questions are asked year after year after year, and some of us have
been answering those same questions for five or ten or fifteen years.

It's easier to refer someone to a collection of the best of former
discussions than to write 300 words every time someone asks "but what
if they watch TV instead of reading books?"
That's what.
All kinds of cool things.

Anyone offended by me or Joyce or ANYone here providing a link to
something that was already collected up from other discussions of the
same year-after-year topics should reconsider staying on this list.
There WILL be links. That's a good thing.