Robyn L. Coburn

I think the legal requirements of homeschooling are the parents' business and responsibility. Don't assume what these would be, and don't do more than the law absolutely requires.

IF you want to unschool:

I think having any kind of journal *requirement* is a barrier both to deschooling and unschooling in the long run.

I think she is not experiencing her freedom while she is having to account to you for the learning value of her activities.

I think you won't be able to see natural learning working fully while you are insisting on keeping the learning schoolish.

I wonder why you are keeping this big reservation - "have to put her back in school" - in your mind. If there is some reason that you will "have to" put her back in school, it might be worth revealing.

Don't try to dissect what she is learning, and don't continue to ask her to do so. Just give her time to genuinely deschool, and then help her do what she wants to *do*. The learning happens automatically.

Support her computer time with practical help - bring snacks, check her comfort - instead of evaluating it.

Unschooling isn't about merely minimizing the painful. It is about living a wonderful life today.

Robyn L. Coburn

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