Sandra Dodd

Holly wrote this and gave me permission to share it:

I'm not saying that when someone gets hit by a car it's school's
fault, but I will say that high school does not prepare you for the
real world.

(High schools having school zones)

She was commenting on the laws here, by which an elementary school has
a schoolzone speed of 15 miles per hour, it's 20 for a middle school,
and 25 mph for a high school.

There. A perspective from an 18 year old who never spent her days
within a schoolzone.


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Jenny Cyphers

It's funny, I just copied and pasted a facebook set of comments of Chamille and some person she doesn't know.

The background is this... Chamille has a friend that broke up with another friend. She broke up with him to get back together with another boy, who happens to be cruel and abusive.

So Chamille wrote this on the girl's facebook page:

Chamille: STUPID CHOICE MAKER, STUPID STUPID STUPID! you were seriously famazing :[ f**king cool too.

Other Person: Everyone makes mistakes

Chamille: some mistakes are avoidable. I wouldn't say it was a mistake, just a bad choice.

Other Person: Its the same thing

Another Person chimed in: no she didnt have to hang out with him in the first place

Other Person: Maybe she didnt. But choices are made that are bad. And mistakes are the outcome. I could say some things that you have done. But im not going to. youve made worse

Chamille: a mistake is more something along the lines of doing something and then realizing it was wrong, a bad choice is something you do that you KNOW is gonna turn out bad. usually.

I think Chamille's got a pretty good idea about the difference between making mistakes and making choices. That thought "everyone makes mistakes" is so pervasive. Of course everyone makes mistakes, one can't say that isn't true, but Chamille is right, some mistakes are avoidable by making good choices. The girl in question wasn't making a mistake, she was making a choice, to call it anything else would be untrue. That pat on the back of "everyone makes mistakes" might help the girl feel better about her choice when the inevitable happens and the boy pushes her down the stairs again, but it doesn't change the fact that she made a choice.

Yet another unschooled teen saying wise things!

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