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I saw Barbara at my very first Unschool Conference (L&L '04). She is an
incredible woman & a fun mom. She had not heard of unschooling before the
invite & wished she had, definitely the spirit of an unschooler in her.
Her boys only had 2 rules growing up: don't kill each other & don't break my
stuff. I think a weekend with the principles vs rules questioning was
life-changing for her, too ;)
I'm going to revisit her stuff, it's been a long time :)
Hers is a beneficial voice to add to your internal choir!

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It might not be for you but perhaps try the concepts (which aren't at all
deep) in Refuse to Choose by Barbara Sher. I have struggled to be better at
organizing and planning and the actual doing of my plans. A couple of the
ideas just aren't me, and don't fit, but Sher's suggestions are working for
me. I've always been the kind of person that things happen to without much
planning and just the idea of how to do it has been pretty foreign in the
past. But I'm taking to the ideas in Sher's book like a duck to water. Not
hard for me. It might be something to check out of the library tho I got my
copy cheap from Amazon.


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