>>>The harder part for me is when one wants to leave and the other wants to
stay...that is possibly another topic. :)<<<

Yes. It's another topic. I might not be considered up on this topic because
I have one child only. However, we still deal with the above when one or
more of us 3 (counting both me, Karl and his dad together) want to stay and
one wants to leave or vice versa. I bring a book, knitting or drawing stuff
to do, Karl brings his DS, or a newish or interesting toy he wants to play
with (or usually both) and Brian is seldom at lose ends when there's someone
to talk with about cars or oil or something like that. That helps a lot.
And actually it happens quite a bit since we live in a very rural area and
anywhere very far means one or more of us might end up being "stuck" with
nothing to do for a while unless we plan for the possibility.


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> My oldest is exactly the same way, whether it is gymnastics or choir or
> anything else that she totally loves. I think it is that feeling of "the way
> things are is the way things are," and a change in routine has always reset
> her comfort level button.
> We also do the Y Childwatch thing on occasion, and yesterday we went for
> the first time after months of not going. Both my daughters were excited to
> stay and asked if we can go again next week. But we'll see how next week
> goes!
> Basically, I honor their decision about whether or not they want to stay.
> Because *I'M* the one with an expectation (a workout), I have found it
> important to prepare myself for leaving, that way there is no negative
> outcome for them if I'm disappointed about missing my class. If we leave, we
> can go to the park, or get hot chocolate, or whatever, since we're already
> out. If we stay, I'm thrilled, but I don't place the burden of my happiness
> on their choice, I can just secretly smile as I sweat.
> In my experience, when my little ones know it's a choice they can make, and
> that I will honor their feelings about the situation, their comfort level
> seems higher overall. Yes, there will be times when they want to skidaddle
> right away, but other times they are happy to to stay.
> The harder part for me is when one wants to leave and the other wants to
> stay...that is possibly another topic. :)
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