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<<<-=-When Michelle was little, we played she was a radio (guess you could
do it with an iPod now) and turned down her volume knob. It was less
obtrusive than telling her to be quieter, especially when she couldnʻt
(and maybe didnʻt want to <g>), really hear us anyway.-=-

I would half-cover my ears and cringe as though I was in pain and
Marty would get quieter. <g> That one still works.>>>

I took a page from Pam Sorooshian's book and we say, "Volume." Calmly and
without emotion-though, sometimes I do need to raise my voice to be heard.
:~) I have had more conventional homeschoolers look at me in amazement and
declare that to be something "incredible". :~D

If I'm "asked", "Get me food!" I usually comply while saying, "Please
would be nice to hear." in a gentle voice as a reminder. I occasionally heard
my then-four year old saying it to his older brother. :~)


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