Sandra Dodd

Christmas and snowstorms have slowed the list because moderators are
busy, and some posts from early in the week were still in the queue.

One was an enthusiastic reminder that the Unschoolers Winter Waterpark
Gathering in Ohio would make a good Christmas gift for a family.
That's true, it would, and it looks like it would be a ton of fun with
the most expensive part for most people being just getting to Ohio in
the winter. :-) But the post was cut from a Word file or something
and was full of odd symbols. It's also regional and so not the best
thing for the list. Still, it DOES look super fun and here's the link:

Yesterday Keith said, kind of, "Let's go get a van." So there's more
to the story than that, but we did. We went to CarMax and looked at
three used mini-vans we had already read about online. It was
snowing, I picked the least expensive of the three (and didn't even
look at the Hondas or Toyotas because they were twice as much or more)
and Keith is pained by spending money. But after a few hours spent
unexpectedly sitting in the credit union finance office, and back to
the car dealer, I drove a van home that I hadn't expected at all when
I woke up, and that was an AWESOME Christmas thing. But it also took
a day out of a busy week.

This afternoon we're going to a Christmas party/dinner at Marty's
girlfriend's parents' house. Marty and Ashlee have been a couple for
a year now (by one reckoning, and six months by another), and she
wants us to meet her parents. Kinda nervous business. They live in
Bernalillo (a town older than Albuquerque, I think, 15 miles north of

So that, and Christmas itself, will cause me distractions.

For those far to the east of here, especially, or those who don't do
Christmas, there's a chat tomorrow which I might still be on so that
(maybe) I can hear about Holly's Christmas, and see if anyone has
Christmas emergency unschooling needs.

We have a different chat room. If you were gone from the chats
because the font was too small, this one can be adjusted on your own

Remember that sometimes posts are waiting for approval and that the
moderators are busy. Things will get calmer.

Merry Christmas where applicable!