Shira Rocklin

Hello Everyone!
I would like to thank you all very much for your input on my previous
questions about finances, television, etc, that Sandra posted for me.
I've been reading... and that more I read of your responses, then more I
realize that I didn't say what I meant AT ALL!! Its amazing how we have
little problems, little difficulties in day-to-day living, and somehow I
end up trying to 'encapsulate' them, to get an idea across quickly,
shortly, and instead I end up making generalized, or untrue statements
that I don't even agree with on further reflection. When I was writing
about the 'junk' on TV, and 'junk' food... I was referring to very
specific aspects of TV, in my own mind, from my own experience watching
very particular shows. I can see it sounded like I was referring to all
TV, making a judgement, and that wasn't my intention. When I wrote 'we'
statements, I think I was thinking of my husband and I, and not
including my children, but that says something about me, to not include
my children in statements that reflect the reality of our family
choices! Instead of rewriting what I wrote, in the way that I meant
it... I'm just going to start asking real questions, based on real
difficulties I encounter as we try to move from the baby/toddler level
of parenting to the 3 years old and up age. I read a lot when my 3 year
old was a baby, I had so much more time, but my mind was applying it to
babies, not toddlers or preschoolers (is there another word for this age
group that does not involve schooling?), and I think I need to
re-evaluate my preconcieved ideas about this age, so as to be the kind
of parent I was planning to be.

And now my mind has blanked, about the real issues. So please, stay
tuned... hopefully I'll remember some of what I think about when I'm
nursing and can't get to the computer to write it down!
Thank you,