Krisula Moyer

>>> The b-day cake was so beautiful and they, like all the other
children were enamoured with it. I wasn't sure whether I should tell
them it was wheat or not. I knew that the disappointment of that would
make them cry and feel deprived and ashamed of being different. <<<

It might have helped them to know that the cake part was wheat but
that the icing part was not. I have witnessed plenty of children
enjoy just the icing part off their cake, sometimes to the annoyance
of their parents. Admiring the cake with them and talking about how
beautiful it is is another way to join in the fun. Your concern over
spoiling the beautiful "cake moment" with the reality of future pain
is understandable but there are usually more than two options.
Perhaps the disappointment of what was in the cake, wheat, could be
softened by really enjoying the presentation and eating as much of the
frosting as they wanted. They could decide for themselves whether the
pain of having wheat was worth tasting the cake part or not.


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