Linnea is 4 years old, and this is her second Halloween (because we were in Europe for the first two, and didn't celebrate it there.) She has never been restricted about food. This is what happened, both this year and last year:

We came home with the candy, poured it all down on the carpet. Linnea was of course really excited. She looked at all the individually wrapped pieces of candy, candy bars and chips and wanted to taste all of them. Some she said right away she didn't like them. Some she said "I love it", and ate the whole piece (not very many.) Some she said "I love it", but after two bites gave them to her dad to finish off ;-) She shared her candy freely with us. Her dad and I ate some dinner (we've kept our European habit of eating dinner late ;-) - at fist Linnea said she wasn't hungry, but after a while she requested to eat some dinner too. We asked if she was done with the candy and if we could put it away, she said yes so we did.

The candy bowl has been out many times yesterday and today, but Linnea has also eaten normal breakfast, lunch and dinner yesterday, and breakfast and lunch today. Today I made chicken soup and she requested the carrot and some chicken, even before the soup was ready ;-)

Actually, I think Linnea hasn't really eaten that much candy. She's mostly excited at the variety, but she rarely finishes the whole thing. She doesn't like most of it. The ones she likes she eats what she wants, and leaves the rest.

Now her dad... that's another story ;-) (He grew up in Eastern Germany and didn't have access to good candy and chocolate bars growing up.) He's eaten most of the chocolate bars and chips already!