Sandra Dodd

Don't stop saying thank you in person, but I've returned four posts in
just the past few days that were thank you's to the list or to one
person about one post. Here's a really sweet one. I'll let it
represent the others:

-=-I'm behind on emails and new to this group, but just have to shout
out a big THANK YOU for all these great ideas!!! Wow, they rock!
Some are just little things I haven't thought of for a while. I made
a list to save!
Thanks a bunch!-=-

The list is big and busy. Each and every time anyone posts, please
let it be a question about unschooling, a suggestion or a personal
story, or something interesting about unschooling that will help MANY
people on the list--dozens or hundreds.

Let us all continue to assume that the ideas are good and that people
who get good ideas are grateful and will think about them. It's not
rude not to write to a thousand people and say "thanks!" I don't want
to be returning so many posts. So if anyone wants to say LOL or Me
too! or Good idea or Thanks, then you need to wrap that up in a good
story about how it helped you at your house, or something your kids
have done lately that might not have done if not for unschooling.
Something substantial and useful.

And then, others, don't write and say "thanks for writing that. I

Think your gratitude, and take that warm feeling and do something nice
for someone at your house.