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JulieDaniel wrote:

Adam and I went to a concert in London for children under five. It
was very interactive with the presenter asking questions as they
introduced the different instruments. Adam was really engaged with it
and was answering lots of the questions identifying the
instruments.When he identified the piccolo the lady presenting it said
how did he know what a piccolo was and he said “I watched the
Tweenies. And they are very interested in music and they talked about
the woodwind section in the orchestra. So I’ve seen a piccolo
before." It was really funny because a lot of the people who were
there don’t let their kids watch TV and kind of look down on the

Adam is a cool four-year-old I got to meet and stay with in Ashford,
west of London a couple of months ago. He's fun and funny and very

The story was told in the chat yesterday and I'm going to find
someplace on the TV pages to keep it, but I figured I should share it
here first.


Sandra Dodd

I tried to send this to the list early this morning. It might have
made my other posts make more sense. Or not...
Turns out I sent it to myself!

Holly's latest "tweet":

Mythbusters- it's like ZOOM for grownups!

In school one of the "skills" of logic and writing is "comparison and
contrast"--the analysis of how two things are the same and different.
No doubt Holly could go into some pretty perceptive detail about how
Mythbusters and ZOOM are similar, and sing the ZOOM song, and show you
some things she learned watching ZOOM when she was growing up.

With apologies if this doesn't work all over the world, but it's on
the PBS tv site:

and here's what "Mythbusters" is:

In the U.K. there's a fun discussion/humor show called "QI" (for
"Quite Interesting") on which they just discuss myths and
misconceptions and fallacies, in humorous ways, in a kind-of gameshow
format. Some of that can be seen on YouTube.

Educational TV, sometimes with songs, explosions and comedians! Cooool.