Sandra Dodd

I have a quote on my John Holt page. I've just been called to defend
it. <g> I don't remember where I wrote it, though. I Do see the
problem with it. I thought someone here might remember where, as it
was only last year. Here's what's on my page:


Someone wrote to me: "I’m starting to see why you admire John Holt.
Will you tell me more about him?"
I responded:

"I admire his courage and his writings.

"He had oddnesses, and I don't admire him so much as a human. He
wasn't married. He didn't have kids. What he learned he learned from
other people's kids in classrooms and when visiting in their homes,
and he was SO interested in kids that their lives were different just
for his being there, so what he saw often was how a child is in the
presence of a really interested and interesting adult. That's the part
I want to emulate."

Because John Holt was SO interested in children, every time he
interacted with one, he saw a child interacting with a fascinated
adult. THIS is one of the things unschoolers need to remember. When
the adult brings boredom, cynicism, criticism and doubt to the table,
that's what he'll see and that's how he'll see it, and it will be no
fault of the child's whatsoever.

With your happiest, most open mind, read what John Holt wrote years
ago and leave this place stronger.

Sandra Dodd, Februrary 2008