Sandra Dodd

A quote, about food, and a tie-in to Hitler.

-=-On my 21st birthday, I woke up in the morning and drove to Dairy
Queen. I got soft serve vanilla ice cream with strawberry topping and
I ate it for breakfast. Why? When I was a child I asked once if I
could have ice cream for breakfast, and my mother said, �You can have
ice cream for breakfast when you�re 21.� And so I did.-=-

That's the first paragraph of some writing about a man whose father
was in a German prisoner-of-war camp. That part is not about
unschooling, though it is largely about food, and has some limitation
of TV... it's of slight interest, unschoolingwise.

But what I wanted to remind people of was that freedom is relative,
and desires shouldn't be discounted just because it could be worse.
The parents might have thought "at least he's not a prisoner of war."
But it wouldn't have hurt to have let him have some ice cream in
childhood instead of putting it in his mind for over a decade that
when he was 21 he could have ice cream.

I'm sure the mother thought it was for his own good. Alice Miller
studied Hitler and other WWII German leaders. They were raised
harshly, for their own good.

Some great excerpts from the book are here:

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