Hi everyone!
My very right-brained 13(tomorrow)yo Aspie son Michael just got the word that he is a finalist in the Transformer Contest "Behold the Glory of Jetfire". His latest special interest is Transformers and claymation. He hopes one day to be a director of sci-fi movies. He produced this stop-action claymation video despite technical difficulties such as his mother dragging her feet on driving him to the store to get the clay. He accomplished the whole thing without any intervention on my part save the drive to the craft store. My first time seeing the film was when I received an e-mail from him with the YouTube link. How affirming it is to see what a child can accomplish when he is allowed to run with his passion. He is completely self-taught and this is his first attempt at claymation. We started homeschooling (unschooling) less than a year ago. It crossed my mind that he was possibly just playing video games all day, but decided to trust that even if that were true there was learning taking place. I'm very excited for him that he is pursuing his gift and being affirmed in it. So, here is my shameless plea for you to click on the link below, then watch and vote for finalist #3. That's my boy!


If you've already voted a sincere ThankYou!!!!! And, sorry for any cross posts!

Proud Mama Robot in Disguise,