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Jonathan, 12 (almost 13 - wow), and I just had the following conversation and it speaks nicely to the relationship we have:

Jonathan: Mom, there's something that really bugs me that parents do.

Me: What's that?

Jonathan: Their kid does something they don't like and they get mad. But if the kid tries to explain why, they don't let him. They won't listen. They just get mad and punish them.

Me: Do I do that?

Jonathan: Well, no. But I see it on cartoons all the time and in real life. And with people I know. It's frustrating, because sometimes there's a perfectly good explanation for what they did, but the parent won't even *listen* to it.

Me: I know. That's why I don't do that. Most families have rules, and the parents don't care about the reason the rule is broken. It's more important for me to see what's going on, why something happened.

Jonathan: I know! It's so frustrating! Sometimes there's a perfectly good explanantion that even the *parents* would agree with but they don't even let their kid tell them! That doesn't make any sense.



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