Cameron Lovejoy

Dear fellow and future unschoolers,

A new and innovative unschooling conference is on the rise! The Autodidact Symposium: a gathering for self-directed learners. Debuting March 12-14 of 2010 in downtown Columbia, South Carolina, The Autodidact Symposium will be a place for veteran unschoolers, novice unschoolers, and everyone in between to create social networks, find potential personal mentors, link up with friends, and find assistance with building a joyful family.

The Autodidact Symposium is a hybrid of Grace Llewellyn's Not Back To School Camp- a place for unschooling young adults to interact with other teens and find mentors to assist them in taking on meaningful, personal challenges and accomplishing big goals- and the popular unschooling conference- focussing on building peaceful and happy families. It is complete with funshops, discussion groups, activities, music, mentors, and presentations from these passionate people: Wes Beach, Blake Boles, Danielle Conger, Beth Fuller, Evan Hunter Wright, Brenna McBroom, and Sean Ritchey.

To learn more about this event, please visit our beautiful website (designed by fellow unschooler, Allen Ellis!): We are updating every month, so check back often! Also check out our Yahoo! Group at to see who's attending, ask questions and discuss travel plans!

The Early Bird Deadline ends on July 31st, so register soon!! I know we are all in the throes of the conference season, but don't let this one slip by!

Yours truly,

-Cameron Lovejoy
Director, The Autodidact Symposium

muddpies next month in Columbia, SC

Cameron Lovejoy left private prep school in sixth grade and began living an actual life discovering his true self and living his passions. Now at 22 years old, one of his major passions is helping young adults and their families navigate their journeys through
unschooling in the real world. He is the creator and director
of this conference, The Autodidact Symposium. It's all about
families unschooling with a special slant toward young adults
in the process of moving on out of the nuclear nest and into
the world. Fun and enlightening activities include the
Mentor Speed Dating event, the Sustainable Agriculture
discussion as well as presentations by Wes Beach (who is a
facilitator of attending college as an autodidact), and a
pile of grown unschoolers and their parents, all full of great
stories and helpful advice. And there are, of course, the workshops,
ranging from origami to blues dancing to mandala art to
Radical Unschooling 101 to communication skills...

Please take a peek at the website. I know that those of you
with teens or approaching teenhood will find inspiration,
information and support at this gathering.

It's coming up quick so check it out and get registered!