hi all
i'm new here too - and from israel. been homeschooling (to others) but really unschooling for almost 9 months now. i'm still very much finding my feet (perhaps that's why i'm often barefoot??).

as the new school year approaches, i got a little panicky - am i doing the right thing? i worry about my 11 year old son's withdrawl. i know he wants to be 'part of something'. where we live, there aren't many homeschoolers - and you can't force connections with those that are there. my daughter, who is 9 1/2, is tg, thriving.

oftentimes i still panic - in my heart, brain, gut; i know it's the best choice; but sometimes i just feel sooooooooooo overwhelmed.... oh, btw, i'm also a single parent.

days (actually, months) go by without english/math etc....and the G-d bless jewish guilt - wham bam, i feel it!! is this "normal" for a beginner? readjusting to the paradigm?

in love, light and the freedom and dignity of our children;
kerri :-)

Sandra Dodd

-=-days (actually, months) go by without english/math etc...-=-

No way! Days don't go by without people using language, or measuring
or counting or figuring out whether one deal is better than another,
or keeping scores in games or building something.

-=-is this "normal" for a beginner? readjusting to the paradigm?-=-

Absolutely, but the adjustment is all in the mom, at first. When you
begin to see what math and language look like in the dark and in the
car and while watching a movie, then you'll laugh at the idea that you
wrote and posted "days go by without english/math etc."

Maybe you're thinking days or months have gone by without a LESSON in
English or math, and if so, good!!

But have days or months gone by without you yourself using them? Or
without your children asking a question about either of them?

If so, this might help:


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