Sandra Dodd

So I'm working on this book, right? And it's supposed to be the
good parts of my site (the stuff I wrote, anyway; can't quote the best
of other people without finding them all and getting releases and all
that), and I thought it would be mostly cut and paste, but what chance
was there I could just cut and paste without commenting or rephrasing?

Some of the pages are way too long and just need a summary anyway.
So I was writing and this came out:

Rules discourage thought. Principles require thought.

I thought that might be a good addition to the record and the communal
thinking here.

When someone's going to follow a rule, the only choice he's making is
whether to follow the rule or break the rule. There's motive and
emotion in there.

When someone's going to make a decision based on a principle there's a
range of right answers! (for those who are new to these ideas,
though much of what's above isn't there at all).


Brad Holcomb

> Rules discourage thought. Principles require thought.

How does this work long-term? If I live a principle so often/much/long that
it becomes habitual, is thought still required? Will the principles then be

Is "thoughtful" living the same as "mindful" living?

I think I'm wanting to rewrite it in my mind as "Principles encourage
thought", since it balances the "discourage" better. Yet I can clearly see
that living by principles instead of rules requires thought, so I wonder why
am I reacting this way?