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No, the Northeast Unschooling Conference doesn't have an organized Whale
Watch this year, BUT there's an amazing opportunity if your family would
like to see the whales. You have an opportunity to buy tickets for a great
company, Cape Ann Whale Watch, for less than half price! Tickets are usually
$45, and you can get them today for $20 each.

Groupon is a collective buying group, offering great discounts on cool
things. (They also write the funniest descriptions I've ever seen.) If you want
tickets, you have until midnight tonight (Thursday) to get them. The
tickets are good for the whole 2009 season. You do NOT have to register for the
conference for this.

Go to: _http://groupon.thepoint.com/_ (http://groupon.thepoint.com/) If
you decide to do it, please let me know. If there's interest in this kind of
thing I'd be happy to post other stuff as it comes up.

Kathryn Baptista

Come to the Northeast Unschooling Conference August 27-30, 2009 in
Wakefield, Massachusetts _www.northeastunschoolingconference.com_
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