Sandra Dodd

This wasn't commented on when it came by (I don't think) but I wanted
to bring it back to light.

I found it spelled "kaizen" (in this sense of gradual change). It is
kinda like "make the better choice," huh? Cool!

I loved this combination of languages: "In modern usage, a focused
kaizen that is designed to address a particular issue over the course
of a week is referred to as a 'kaizen blitz'." A Japanese/German
combo term.

..... I opened up an email about kazien (it was trying to sell me
something). My curiosity was peaked so I looked it up. It is a great
concept that applies aptly to what we do as unschooling parents.

Even though our families are not businesses the basic premise is the
same, I believe. Kazien, which is Japanese, comes from kai (change)
and zen (good). According to Wikipedia it "is a Japanese philosophy
that focuses on continuous improvement throughout all aspects of
life." Kaizen is based on making changes anywhere that improvements
can be made. It is about small changes all the time, monitoring the
results and then making more small changes and adjustments. This seems
like what a lot of us do as we continue to grow as unschooling
parents. Little shifts and changes all the time, like little
experiments to see what can be tweaked in this moment to make life
even better.

I am thinking about how I had to slowly keep tweaking things to, for
example, find a way to make it out the door on time without upsets.
Taking lots of suggestions into consideration, trying them, not
discounting anything off-hand. It was a process, and it still is a
process ... since my kids change everyday and what works one day may
not be perfect for another day.


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