Just yesterday I was spammed. A woman named dawn sent an email about a book. She claimed to be an unschooling mom who just LOOOOVED this book because it helps you to get your unwilling child to write.
I wrote her back and told her that as an unschooler, I have never had an issue with getting my kids to write.
I also suggested that as a business person she should really be more careful about her grammar spelling and punctuation, especially considering that she's "teaching" her kids. She wrote me back an email titled,"My sincere apologies" then told me how mean I was and that I shouldn't call her a bad teacher/mom.
Um...huh? OK whatever. I sent back a line that said. I'm really not mean. If I was, I would have just complained to my ISP about being spammed.
There's a lot of junk that has come knocking on my "front door" (via email) over the past ten years of unschooling. Generally the things that are the most beneficial, come from word of mouth. They have no need to pound on my door.

Elissa, Unschooling Momma to Emily 15, and Max 9. Proud Momma to Zack, 21.
How is it that little children are so intelligent and men so stupid? It must be education that does it.
--Alexandre Dumas

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