Sandra Dodd

My own dear husband, Keith Dodd, said the other day that the internet
should be more interactive. Thoughts swirled through my mind,
punctuated with the emotion of "What the F*** are you talking about!??"

I got over it, and we laughed, but I did think that although I'm
supporting and participating and creating a great deal of interactive
internet opportunity, it's not necessarily all well linked.

The lyrics game word is "wave."

There was an online chat yesterday and there will be one on Monday the
11th. It will be 3:00 in the afternoon Mountain Time, but other
times are listed (with a countdown in days, hours and minutes) at
There will be a topic on Monday: Comparisons and judgment: good or

I have a blog specifically about the connections in life. The current
item is about corn bags (one of many put-plant-parts-in-a-cloth-bag-
and-heat-it) items, and a link to information about a much older
practice of cherry pits in cloth bags, way pre-microwave.
If you click on the photo of the kirschsteinkissen, you'll see lots of
websites in Switzerland and Germany selling them (probably to be
microwaved, these days), and there's a link to a blog called Old &
Interesting, history of domestic paraphernalia, household antiques in
use. There's a photo of what Holly did with an herbal eye mask she
was given by an unschooling mom we know, in way of not heating it and
not putting it on her eyes, but to aid her in dressing as a male rock
star dressed glam-rock-girlie.

This list itself certainly has the potential for being interactive
(thought no members are ever required to write a single word), but
there are many other ways to bask and steep in unschooling ideas and
information and connections and practice being mentally gymnastic
while finding new things you might share with your family and friends.