Joanna Wilkinson

I've been reading about and seeing the monkey platters. Very cool.
Just thought I'd share what we do here quite a lot. We seem to be the house where multiple kids hang out for the day. I can have anywhere from 2-6 extra kids here, and they are not from our neighborhood. Jamie will invite someone (or two) and then Jack will want his friend too, then a sibling will want to come too and.....
I set up our counter as a smorg. with grapes, olives, pizza bites, a plate of pb&j's cut into triangles, oranges, apples, nuts, sometimes I fry up homemade french fries (a huge hit), raisins, cookies......
The kids love it. One of them asked me, after she'd been to our house a few times. "Do you do this every day!?"
It's fun for me too. The kids will gather all together at first and then grazers will come by through the day, and each time I get to chat with them and get to know them a little better. Or, I get to tune in, to my kids.

Joanna W.