Sandra Dodd

I don't mind story telling. I like it. The more a story is about
learning or parenting the better.

Stories about school and relationships with parents are not nearly as

I like stories that are carefully factual and well thought out.
While it' can be therapeutic to journal one's immediate feelings, it's
not therapeutic for this group to read them. If anyone has joined
since I last mentioned this. the list has well over 1000 readers (plus
some old leftover accounts, putting Yahoogroups official count at
2085. There aren't that many reading every post. There are hundreds
of people reading every post, though, so don't post emotional
outpourings. Post things that will help readers understand
unschooling, or that will ask a question or present a situation that
can be discussed here.

Trim your posts. Don't append two or three posts. Don't even append
one whole post.

Gratitude is wonderful, but it's okay to be grateful without posting
"thanks!" to the group. It's much better to bask in the warmth of
gratitude while you play with your kids.

We've averaged over 25 posts a day this year so far. Let's let the
average of great posts be high too.

If someone comes here agitated and is sent links and the person
continues to respond without having read those links, it's a little
like offering a relative to discuss something after they've read about
unschooling, and then them say "Yeah, but..." Read the links people
send you about making choices and thinking about food. And not school-
style, where you open the book to that page and turn the page when you
see other people turn the page. The links at Joyce's site and mine
are the greatest hits of the past ten or twelve unschooling discussion
years. If you can't be bothered to read the really great stuff,
please just read here and don't write for a while.

Going gradually into unschooling and being mindful are being missed by
some of those newer to unschooling. Please, everyone, take a look at
these two pages. People who don't know why should look the
longest. Those who do know why might want to look to see what could
be added in way of link or clarification.