Sandra Dodd

I had a question on the side, and my response has bounced twice, so it
the one who wrote to me earlier on Monday could send an alternate e-
mail, maybe, I could send what I wrote.

It wasn't much, but perhaps others here can recommend a resource or
perhaps volunteer to correspond. Write to me on the side, if so,

We had a chat on this topic last month and that wasn't saved, because
of the sensitive nature of the topic, but this link was shared:

It's the Unitarian Universalists' program on "Lifespan Sexuality

Not all abuse is sexual in nature, and I'm not suggesting that. I'm
only saying that it's the only thing I have saved from that chat.

If this can be discussed here in very general terms--what can be done
to help children feel safe and attached, within an unschooling
context--that would be fine. If there are outside resources that can
be suggested, or books, that would be great too.

Is there an adoption group/site where people are aware of unschooling?