Joyce Fetteroll

There are no free eyeglasses. Not even at Target.

I've stopped one moderated post that said to please pass on the
information that Target was promoting their optical department and
offering free glasses to children 12 and under for a limited time.

So you may see that announcement on other lists. PLEASE don't pass it

If you see a too-good-to-be-true offer, Google it before passing it
on to someone else. Or check directly at Snopes. It only takes a
minute to investigate. -- It's a good life skill to model for you
kids! -- And saves hours of time for other people.


Sandra Dodd

Comment, announcement and filler:

-=-There are no free eyeglasses. Not even at Target.-=-

And even if there were, this list isn't a "write about whatever in the
world you want to" list.
And even if this list were that, it's an international list and not
everyone even knows what "Target" is.

Thanks, Joyce. Even though I was up very early today, you're still
closer to the morning sun than I am in New Mexico (temporally
speaking, not elevationally speaking).

There is a chat today. Times are here:

Typical upcoming day of an unschooled teen (Holly):

Doctor's appointment in the morning, checkup, birth control pill
renewal (yeah, that's right; I said it)
Working at the flower shop, today she's on phone and front counter.
Tonight she and Brett and going to an Isotopes game (baseball) with
two friends of Brett's.

Most kids her age will be in school today and have homework tonight.
Some of the girls her age can't talk to their moms about their
possible need for birth control, and the moms wouldn't go with them to
the doctor.


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