Let's do this! It's kind of a game from a couple of years ago. Some others
besides me might like it too.

It's something I read after hitting Sandra's random button on her Bo
elevator which I labeled on my toolbar as RanBO and then I realized it looks
a lot like the word "rainbow." How appropriate. Anyway, here's the
beginning snippet:

>>>> Someone wrote that they were keeping a little notebook of the questions
that had arisen, so others on the Unschooling Discussion list started naming
questions of the day. I wrote this:

Sunday night Holly and I were in the hot tub and she asked me (out of the
blue, it seemed) whether people actually really ever put messages in
bottles. I said I thought so, and that there are streams and flows in
oceans, so they might know where they were likely to end up. But I said I
thought also people had done it just for fun, like letting a balloon go up
with your name and address fastened to it (she knows a story about that from
Ripley's Believe It or Not).

Tuesday morning, I was looking for a rhyming dictionary link, and found
this: http://www.poetry.com/timeless/default.asp

It's not an answer to the question, but it's a heck of a good coincidence.
They're selling pretty bottles with poems on pretty paper, mailed to where
you order.


Other links started to flood in.... <<<<

If you like, read the whole very fun page here:

So a recent question I've collected has a little intro about how it came up:

A couple weeks ago (or so ... I don't remember quite how long it's been)
Karl asked how come the electric piano is messed up. I said probably
lightning got it. He thought about that for however long it's been.
Yesterday he said lightning came into the window and struck the piano (and
he's five so he's traced the path from way outside, bringing in some idea
about trees because he saw a youtube video of a tree catching fire after
being struck).

So his question now is how does lightning really work? I've looked it up
and it's all about the earth's magnetic fields, another mystery and an
abiding interest of Karl's. Note to self: compass! So I'm looking for
connections others might have to add about any of that.

I just love that Karl makes observations which beg still more and more
question(s) and sometimes they really lead me around looking at this and
that. Really. The time I spend on it ... getting lost. I'm not getting
lost. I *am* lost. Oh... and there's no need to send out a search party.
I'll just get lost again in short order. ;) I just love that.


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