Sandra Dodd

I just ordered some things from the Vat19 site (a wedding gift for a
friend, and a few things for us). I've ordered before from them and
their stuff is really good.

A few things reminded me of recent questions on this list or
somewhere. If someone sees this and knows that the questions were
asked on another list or forum, please pass it on if the person might
miss this. I kinda think it was all on this forum, though--questions
about helping kids get to sleep, and to learn yo-yo tricks (not all at
once) <g>
Videos with art projects, some from other cutlures, and two videos on
yoyo tricks.

For helping people get to sleep:
Maybe you could say "If you're still awake when the video ends, come
and wake me up."
It's not likely to be a deal they take you up on.

I bought this one for Kirby and his roommate when they went together
to get a giant screen TV:

I bet that would work as well, for sleeping, or the aquarium DVD.