Been lurking for a little while, ejoying reading many of the topics
brought up here and thought I would introduce myself. I am a mom of 4
and grandma of 2 living in a tiny town of the beautiful Upper Peninsula
of Michigan. 2 of my 4 children are adults and went to public schools.
I started homeschooling my 2 youngest children, now 10 and 7 since they
were of kindergarten age. All last school year I read up, tried to
grasp the concept, researched and debated whether I wanted to try
unschooling. Then this year around December I decided to take the leap
completely over to it. So I am fairly new to the concept and trying to
make the adjustments while Hubby is not so sure at all as he does not
understand it. I love the concept of unschooling as it makes so much
sense to me and seems so natural to how I have always lived my life and
how I have always learned. I am glad to be part of this group and being
able to read all the topics, it really is a big help! Hope to get to
know everyone here!