emiLy Q.

Reading the Beach High School web site made me want to enroll. :) But
mostly, it got me thinking about my sister, who has graduated high school
(10 years ago) but wants help figuring out what to do now. She has a lot of
talent, but not enough skills to figure out what to do with her talent, or
how to find/make a job (or two or three) that she actually enjoys. Does
anyone know if Wes Beach could help a situation like that, or if there are
people/places that might be able to help? I thought about life/career coach
type people, but ugh -- I think something more real/tangible/hands on would
be better.

-emiLy, mom to Delia (5) & Henry (1.5)
I love EC!

Sandra Dodd

That's probably something Wes could do really well, help someone write
a resume to include what they've done outside of those venues that
give degrees. Maybe I should get him to write ME one! <bwg>