Sandra Dodd

I know this is regional, and I'm sorry about that, but I promised I'd
mention it:

I wanted to remind people about this conference, at which Pam and I
will be speaking. We used to think all our kids would be there, but
it will be three or four of them.

It will be a one-day conference, Saturday Marcy 7, in Tempe, Arizona.

There's a bio of Kirby here (and Pam and me, but we've had bios online

And from that page you can get to other conference information.

It would be possible to see an all-unschooling program from the time--
me, then Pam, then Kirby; lunch
Grace Llewellyn, teen/young-adult panel, then me, Pam and all the kids
we have there. Then there's a talent show and it's over.

Because our kids will have presentation time, we aren't going to do
anything on Sunday as was once considered, so never mind Sunday.

Saturday, though, all day!