Sandra Dodd

I got an e-mail:
-=-I have been online for hours now reading all the great WEALTH of
information you sent me. Thank you sooooo much for your dedication.
I am beginning to "get" it. I am feeling relaxed now and am just in
awe of the wisdom these moms and kids share. Thank you to everyone,-=-

Because so much of my list has quotes from this list and others, I
figured I'd better share this!


Sandra Dodd

There have been 24 new members on this list in the past seven days. One of them just sent this note and it's worth sharing.

I just joined the list (three days ago) and I doubt that I will have the courage to post anytime soon. But your advice on "read a little, try a little, wait a while and watch" is so fitting that I thought I would just send you and email and express my gratitude. All the people that are willing to post and help are just so wonderful and thought provoking. I know I will be reading the posts like crazy for a while... :)

Thank you for what you and others on the list do!

I want to thank those who post, and those who read, and for those who are new, please read here and follow the links, and get to know the list before you jump in, because it's probably not like any other group you've been in before.

Because it's not like other groups, it has a solid archive of 63,000 messages containing very little fluff or nonsense.

Next month, the Always Learning list will be ten years old.

I'm happy with this list and the connections people have made from, to, and because of it.
There will be a live version, of sorts, in the form of a symposium in Albuquerque (where I live) at the end of December. Joyce Fetteroll, Pam Sorooshian, Deb Lewis and Jill Parmer will be speaking. They're all active on this list. Pam's youngest daughter, Rosie, will be speaking as well and will run a panel of other young people too. Possible but not confirmed: Joyce's daughter, Kathryn; Julie Daniel (and her husband James and son Adam) who organized the LiTTLe Conference in London last summer and are likely to do another one this summer. Julie might speak on Saturday morning, if they're able to make it.

Thanks for reading!!