We are an unschooling family. I think we are anyway. Our dd has never
been to 'school.' She will be 7 next month. We have a 2, almost 3,
year old at home as well. When we started our homeschooling journey I
had it in my mind that we would 'school' at home. It wasn't even my
desire, it was my husbands that we homeschool. I told him before I
shot it down I'd live with it and learn about it. I loved it the idea
of it at then end of the month I gave myself to investigate the
notion. Schooling at home. Then I learned fast after giving that a try
(school at home) it would not work for us. I visited Sandra's website
and then started moving in the direction of unschooling. Deschooling
myself mostly. Our day looks like this sort of. They are different all
the time. (We have some classes that Emma requested during the week.
Drama, Math fun and games, Spanish, and Science. We stop them if they
are not what she thought they'd be.)
Emma awakens with a list of interests she wants to explore. Today it
was making an 'All about Me' book that turned into an 'All about YOU
book.' People of all different types. She has created a world just for
them. Then she had a stack of books to read with me. I read, she
reads. She is still not sure about reading. Then back to book making.
Princesses of all sorts. She illustrates and tells me what to write
and when she wants, she writes. Now she is watching Mulan 2 with her
Grandma who came to visit. We do all sorts of things and I make a
mental list in my mind of what she is learning and doing because I
still *worry* about are we doing enough. Some times I write down what
I notice and see her doing because I need that confirmation. I am
still deschooling. So I looked up the definition of unschooling and
found this link:
I love these new groups I have found. Thanks to Rue Kream's book:
"Raising a Free Child."
I love how unschooling feels. I see Emma (and our son, Simon too)
growing and learning all the time. It just looks way different than I
had thought. I will keep deschooling myself and learn with them. I did
think to myself the other day while 'worrying', "Am I having fun?"
I think mostly I am but I worry too because it is off the beaten path
from where I have journeyed. I am worrying a little less though I
think then I was last year.
Thanks for listening! I'm glad to be here with you!